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Welcome to Puzzles Ltd, home of Puzzle Expedition! We are here to bring you fantastic and funky games to test your skills! We have a wide range of super cool games for you to complete, including:

  • Max's Mill
  • Mt Moira
  • Rocky Ridge
  • Redboard's Galloon
  • Badger's Treehouse
  • Snowy Mountains
  • Lake Moss
  • Moss Village
  • Stoney Cliffs

Each of the games above contains 10 levels. Once you have completed all 10 levels in one game you are able to move on to the next game. Each game is harder and longer than the last, including more options, more goals, more prizes and most importantly, more FUN!!!

For Max's Mill and Mount Moira, you are given 5 chances to complete a level before you have to go back to the level before. For Rocky Ridge and Redboard's Galloon you have 4 chances to complete a level before you have to go back to the level before. With Badger's Treehouse and Snowy Mountains it gets a bit trickier and you are only allowed 3 chances to complete a level before you have to go back to the level before. When it comes to Lake Moss and Moss village, there are only 2 chances per level and finally, when you battle your wit's and skills to Stoney Cliffs there will only be one chance to complete each level before you have to go back to the level before. If you are sent all the way back to level 1 of Max's Mill and are worried about being kicked off the level, don't fret! If you go back down to Max's Mill level 1 you will just remain there until youwork your way back up to level 2 and so on.

Puzzle Expedition offers a multitude of puzzles from mazes of mystery, brain-teasers and cryptic messages to leaps of logic and hidden clues, plus much, much more!

Are you not quite feeling your warrior self? Don't feel like you're the right character for the job? There are an endless supply of characters that you can become to take to the expedition, ad you can even change their hair, eyes, clothing and accessories! Who will you be?

As part of an exclusive offer from the team here at Puzzles Ltd we are giving you an absolutely amazing free trial for the first game, Max's Mill. You will have unlimited access to all levels within Max's Mill for an unlimited amount of time. Once you reach the next level, Mt Moira, you can simply subscribe to the next level for a small fee of 3.99. Each level there after is 3.99 and you can subscribe to them as and when you reach them. Once you have subscribed you have unlimited access to each of those levels so don't worry if you get sent back to the beginning, you can just play your way right back through the levels again.

Alternatively, you can pay for a package of 2, 4, 6 or all 9 levels for discounted prices! See the pricing section for more details.

There are loads of Tips and Tricks available to help you through each level, as well as some sneaky hints a long the way! Each level unlocks new adventures and challenges to take on and test you. Once you have made your first subscription, you will gain access to download the Tips and Tricks user guide for the subscribed to levels, which is located in the Tips and Tricks section of the website. There you will get unlimited access to all the extras you will need and want to give you that even higher sore and more fulfilling gaming experience! As you subscribe to each consequent level, you will gain further access to the tips and tricks of those levels too. Once you have downloaded them, they are yours for life, you can download them onto your desktop or merely log into the website and view them from here!

If you get a little bit stuck along the way, we have our friendly and experienced gaming staff on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! They are here to help you with any technical difficulties you may have with the website or game itself. But don't try asking them to get you through to the enxt level, that's not what they are there for! They can give you advice, and reference you to the right tips and tricks that you need to help you complete the section you are on!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your free trial now and unlock the powers of Puzzle Expedition! Good Luck!

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